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List of documents/information to submit for the David Hopper Prizes for Leadership in Research for Development

Please note that only online applications are accepted

The nominating institution will be prompted to submit the following documents and/or information through the online system in order for the nominee to be considered for a David Hopper Prize:

  • Nomination letter with detailed rationale for nomination, as per the requirements in the call page (between 1000-2000 words);
  • Letter signed by the executive director (or equivalent) of the nominating institution, confirming that the nomination submitted has the full support of the institution;
  • CV (including list of publications);
  • Recommendation letters (minimum two, maximum four) from individuals or institutions other than the nominating institution. Note that previous or current IDRC employees or previous or current members of the IDRC Board of Governors may not provide letters of recommendation;
  • Detail of grants from IDRC and work completed with IDRC funding;
  • Demonstration that nominee is still actively working for the public good (see FAQ for details); and
  • A consent form signed by the nominee.

NB: Once a package has been submitted and is deemed complete (i.e. after the deadline), nominees will be prompted to send proof of citizenship. Once validated, this document will be deleted from IDRC systems.

The online system will offer the choice of working in English or in French (Canada’s official languages). It will also seem to offer Spanish but this function is populated with English instructions. The application form and nomination letter must be in English or French. Documents, files or links uploaded in support of the nomination package should, as much as possible, be in English or French. However, brief documents (less than one page) will be accepted in Spanish and the content of links to media files or articles may be in any language - though if the content is not in English, French or Spanish, please provide a brief summary.