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Resources Management Officer

Job Scope

Under the general direction of the Vice-President Resources and Chief Financial Officer (VPR & CFO), the incumbent participates in and facilitates the management and coordination of Resources Branch activities and of the Resources Branch Management group at Headquarters and in Regions.  The Resources Management Officer (RMO) contributes intellectual, technical and logistical expertise to the strategic and operational planning of the Branch by initiating, coordinating, and monitoring key processes, activities and issues. The RMO participates as a full member of the Resources Branch’s management Committee and manages the office of the Vice-President Resources.

The RMO has broad responsibilities relating to identifying resource management policy gaps and to the introduction and enhancement of policies and procedures aimed at improving resource management at IDRC. The RMO plays a key role in assisting the VPR & CFO in meeting his obligations to corporate committees, the SMC and Board. In many respects, the RMO is the eyes, ears, agent, and sounding board for the VPR & CFO.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Branch Management

  • Manages the office of the VP, i.e. directs and supervises the admin assistant within the office, prepares and monitors the office’s budget, approves invoices, procures material and equipment, oversees the preparation of the VP’s travel activities, etc. such that activities within the office are conducted efficiently and effectively;
  • Liaises with Regional Controllers on a regular basis to promote Branch principles, provide advice on the Canadian context of Branch operations and to keep the Vice-President apprised of developments in regional offices.
  • Manages the follow-up of Internal Audit recommendations by coordinating the preparation of management responses and by ensuring that implementation time and reporting meets the VP’s expectations;
  • Assists Branch management in finding effective ways to introduce and manage change i.e. processes, tools and policies;
  • Coordinates the work of branch directors and their divisions on significant branch initiatives — keeping the VP informed of significant development;
  • Organizes major annual RB events such as the RB directors and regional controllers meeting and annual RB breakfast by leading the selection of content (agenda) and overseeing the logistics of preparation;
  • Coordinates the collation of the various contributions to the Annual Priorities, Plan and Budget (APPB) narrative and assists the VP in the editing process;
  • Liaises with the Budget and Financial Management unit of the Finance and Administration Division to ensure that the priorities and plans being documented for the Board of Governors reflect the directions given by the VP and other senior managers;
  • Monitors progress and works with the VP on the preparation of key documents such as the IT implementation plan, the HR implementation plan, key financial highlights, briefing notes, etc.;
  • Manages the receipt of a large number of reports coming to the VP for information or for approval; sees to the proper electronic filing of these documents;
  • Reviews Resources Branch financial and FTE reports and highlights potential areas of concern for the attention of the Vice-President;
  • Researches topics and prepares presentations for the VP;
  • Ensures follow-up is conducted on behalf of the VP such that work plans, budgets, performance evaluations, etc. are completed on a timely basis;
  • Contributes to managing information of the unit by serving as the SharePoint site administrator;
  • Responds to enquiries about Branch-related policies and broad directions as expressed by the Vice-President.

Corporate Management

  • Takes the lead in the harmonization of Management Policy Manual formats, managing the publication site and overseeing the final quality control by the executive assistant; leads the writing of Volume 0 and the annual review of policies that need to be updated;
  • In collaboration with the office of the Secretary to the Board, ensures that the process of preparing Resources Branch documents for Senior Management Committee and the Board (and its committees) is undertaken and progresses such that deadlines can be met; obtains the Vice-President’s input at the critical stages;
  • Reviews SMC, HRC, FAC, and Board documentation and identifies for the Vice-President, issues that may be of interest or concern from a Resources Branch perspective;
  • Attends planning meetings, directors’ fora, and liaises with other offices and units within the Centre such as PPB, PSED, RMIA, etc. to enhance coherence, coordination and effectiveness of corporate initiatives and priorities;
  • Undertakes special studies, projects and assignments that can be complex, time sensitive or “politically” sensitive and that may involve several divisions within and beyond Resources Branch; as appropriate, drafts reports summarizing the findings;
  • As a professional accountant, monitors CPA Canada publications and exposure drafts with a view of flagging to the VP relevant changes, also bringing them to the attention of the Manager, Corporate Accounting and to the Director, Finance and Administration;
  • Supports the VP in long-range financial planning for the Centre;
  • Coordinates such activities as the updating of delegation of authority instruments, getting them ready for signature by the VP and by the President;
  • With the assistance of relevant branch directors, maintains generic job descriptions for resources management positions in regional offices;
  • Represents the Branch on (or provides support to) various Committees or working groups; e.g. Operational Framework Steering Committee;
  • Analyses administrative and financial related issues in the Centre’s internal environment, identifies and assesses their implications for Resources Branch or the Centre and, recommends policy positions and options to RB management.


Direct supervision

Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President

Indirect supervision

Consultants (Occasionally)