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Policy Analyst

Job Summary

The Policy Analyst works as a member of the Policy and Planning Group providing information, research analysis and advice on matters of policy and planning.  The Policy Analyst works closely with the Director of Policy and Planning and the Senior Policy Analyst to initiate and undertake research and analysis in support of corporate learning and institutional policy analysis.  The incumbent contributes intellectual and technical expertise to strategic and operational planning; prepares documents in response to Board and SMC requests; coordinates and monitors key policy and operational issues; organizes events, meetings and other activities; and disseminates key policy and planning-related issues to colleagues across the Centre.  The Policy Analyst acts as a liaison to the Office of the Corporate Secretary undertaking research; reviewing and advising on documents produced by OCS and assisting the Corporate Secretary (through back-up and support) in recording the minutes and proceedings from Senior Management Committee Meetings and Board Committee meetings. 

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

The Policy Analyst collaborates with the Director and the Senior Policy Analyst in designing and ensuring the implementation of strategic and program planning systems in IDRC, at the program area, regional and Centre-wide levels.  In particular, the Policy Analyst contributes intellectual and technical support to the formulation of the Centre’s five-year Strategy and Program Framework (CSPF) through keeping abreast of approaches adopted in similar organizations and advising management on optional methodologies, through consulting management and staff, preparing proposals, guidelines and schedules, and organizing staff consultations and email conferences.  The incumbent will advise on measures to ensure that the planning processes are cost effective, timely and participatory as possible, including developing country and Canadian constituencies.  The Policy Analyst reviews the plans produced to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality.  

During the implementation of the CSPF, to provide the Director with information and analysis on IDRC’s strategic directions and policies, program priorities and the external environment for consideration by the President, the Board, Senior Management and staff, through formal presentations, institutional policy analysis, studies, reports and verbal briefings. The incumbent conducts and manages the conduct of policy research and analysis on the Centre’s programming and strategic directions in order to provide the best possible evidence for decision-making.  The incumbent represents PPG on internal and external working groups that support corporate learning and policy analysis.  

The Policy Analyst plays a key role in information management.  The incumbent is responsible for updating the content on the PPG intranet site and keeps abreast of the state of the art in the field of research for development, planning, and policy by drawing on relevant journals and participating in local, national and international meetings and conferences.  The incumbent organizes internal seminars and electronic conferences with staff to ensure adequate staff participation in program policy development and implementation coordinates information flow with staff and managers; collates proofreads and edits PPG materials; prepares written, graphic, and visual material for presentations.  In support of the Director, the Policy Analyst reviews and analyzes reports from various Centre groups, external reviews and other documents relevant for PPG consideration and management decision-making.  The incumbent generates and provides information as requested, often on an urgent basis, for both internal and external audiences.  

The incumbent is responsible for monitoring and collating reports on the use of Flex Funds for SMC discussion and decision-making; prepares guidelines on issues relating to processes, systems and Centre-wide policies; makes recommendations on both content and operations to improve Corporate systems; writes minutes and reports of SMC meetings (as back up to the Corporate Secretary) and the Program and Operational Meetings; coordinates and prepares routine correspondence to managers on behalf of the Director; conducts research, organizes information and draft documents for the Corporate Secretary to ensure efficient response to information requests from various internal and external groups; reviews and advises on documents produced by the OCS. 

The Policy Analyst attends Canadian and other national and international forums related to program and policy analysis and brings back lessons from experience.  The incumbent consolidates and maintains good working relations with external agencies and institutions, particularly in the area policy and research for development.