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Payroll Administrator

Job Summary

The Payroll Administrator ensures the timely preparation of payroll to all Ottawa hired staff including those posted in regional offices. This responsibility is shared with the Payroll and HR Systems Specialist which produces the payroll on a biweekly basis. The Payroll Administrator ensures the data quality and integrity, that remittances and reports are submitted to appropriate government departments or IDRC staff. Finally, the incumbent works in close cooperation with the Global Compensation Specialist and the Payroll and HR Systems Specialist to maintain the payroll system and ensure that pays are produced and delivered to IDRC employees on time and with accuracy.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Payroll Processing

Ensure the accurate and timely preparation of biweekly payroll for Ottawa-Hired Staff. More specifically:
• Analyse payroll information and documentation received from HR staff and/or external departments (e.g. Finance) to perform exception-based processing for salaried staff.
• Ensure data integrity through cross checking employee information, make corrections as needed and maintain bring forward (BF) system for future pay actions. Data entry on employee information is done by the Human Resources Coordinator while the incumbent processes changes and makes adjustments and corrections when required.
• Calculate and process retroactive adjustments to salaries and benefits.
• Prepare Record of Employment (ROE) and provide employee information regarding Employment Insurance (EI).
• Inform first-line services HR staff of new taxation legislation or other information relevant for employees. Assist them in provision of pay information to employees including taxation legislation and may meet employees for more complex questions.
• Investigate and develop action plans to resolve payroll discrepancies.
• Coordinate direct withdrawals, remittances and deductions ensuring the transfer of funds to external agencies, governmental departments and insurance companies.
• Analyse and exchange case-specific information and data with colleagues and external organizations, such as insurance companies and Superannuation to facilitate and resolve specific issues/questions related to payroll and benefits. Discuss more complex issues with the Global Compensation Specialist.
• Create and update position information in Dayforce based on completed position forms.
• Conduct Canada Savings Bonds and Charity Campaigns and ensure the accuracy of the payments.
• Prepare debt estimates/reconciliations for employees planning to take leave without pay due to various reasons (child care, personal, etc.).
• Work in close collaboration with Global Compensation Specialist and the payroll service provider in resolving any issues related to payroll in order to ensure issuance of timely and accurate pay to employees.
• Maintain the Data Capture Tool for Superannuation (manual entries). 

Payroll System and Reports

In cooperation with the Global Compensation Specialist, participate in the enhancement of the payroll system and on the production of various reports for internal use and external organizations.
• Liaise on a regular basis with the staff of the payroll service provider to discuss day-to-day operations and discuss any issues with the Global Compensation Specialist.
• Follow-up with Government of Canada for changes in pension and insurance premiums, update the HR system and controls, and prepare employee communications.
• Calculate various retro payments including reclassifications, PRAS, promotions, paid leaves, etc.
• Prepare various official and ad-hoc reports for governmental departments and also for special requests from management or HRD employees such as pay registers, transaction audit reports, various remittances reports, etc.
• Monitor the Dayforce Self-Service mailbox. Answer employees’ questions (sometimes with the help of Senior Payroll and HR Systems Specialist) and reset their passwords when required.
• Responsible for writing the Payroll Procedures Manual for the new Dayforce system.