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Learning, Official Languages and Employment Equity Advisor

Job Summary

Plans and coordinates human resources services in the areas of Learning, Official Languages (OL) and Employment Equity (EE) while ensuring that management’s needs are met.  Provides operational services and advises managers and employees in determining their needs, analyzing problems, researching and analyzing options, developing strategies and in the coordination and follow up of activities in terms of these three HR services. Collaborates also occasionally in the delivery of staffing and recruitment operational services.

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Coordination of corporate learning strategies and of learning activities

  • Develops, maintains and adheres to framework for training and development;
  • Conducts Centre-wide needs analysis;
  • Advises managers and employees on required training, and provides options;
  • Organizes the Centre-wide corporate training activities including the selection of external firms;
  • Prepares and maintains the training calendar and promotes learning activities;
  • Facilitates sessions for employees and managers such as Orientation sessions, promotion of learning plans and other activities related to continuous learning;
  • Evaluates external training programs and trainers before and after training sessions; and
  • Updates learning files and maintains information in the Learning section of the HR website.

Coordination of the Centre’s Language Training Program

  • Identifies language training needs and makes recommendations on group and individual training priorities;
  • Coordinates operational language training activities by developing functional procedures for schools, teachers and students;
  • Coordinates the promotion, registration, and diagnostic testing of students, their placing in classes, and their progress and presence in collaboration with representatives from language schools;
  • Solves problems related to performance or absenteeism of students and teachers;
  • Coordinates private language training cases; and
  • Keeps track of the language training budget expenses.

Coordinates the Employment Equity and Official Languages Programs

  • Develops strategies to promote Employment Equity and Official Languages throughout the Centre;
  • Ensures that regulations are followed throughout the Centre;
  • Acts as Centre representative at all inter agency Employment Equity and Official Languages meetings; amd
  • Prepares all background information and calculations for the submission of Employment Equity and Official Languages legislative reports.

Other Duties

  • Collaborates occasionally in providing operational staffing and recruitment services to a client group by coordinating various processes in peak periods; and
  • Participates in the professional development of junior officers by helping them in their activities and motivating them to pursue their career.