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Administrative and Financial, Coordinator

Primary Duties or Responsibilities

Financial Responsibilities

  • Support the effective internal control of the operational budget and in collaboration with the Director and the Division management team, develops the Division’s annual budget; monitors, analyzes and reports on monthly expenditures. Prepares and advises on the reallocation of resources during budget reviews and up-dates for the Director’s signature.
  • Manages the processing of invoices related to the Division’s operational budget and provides the appropriate coding, requests approval of invoices, and requests payment from Accounting Services.
  • Obtains financial reports by accessing Crystal Reports and printing, on a monthly basis, reports dealing with expenses.
  • Manages the corporate credit card in his/her own name to cover travel and operational expenses under $2000 and provides proper coding. On a monthly basis, prepares a summary for Accounting with the proper attachments to support the expenses.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Analyses, reviews, and assesses incoming administrative issues to the office of the Director and Communications Division. Recommends priorities, timing and assignment of responsibilities, as appropriate. Advises the Director and follows-up with staff to ensure completion of assigned initiatives such as the intake of awardees and summer students, the renewal of casual help contracts, the preparation of the Divisional PRAS calendar, as well as other deadline tracking. 
  • Establishes and monitors administrative processes ensuring effective control of work flow through the Director’s office, including tracking of correspondence and of expenditures. 
  • Keeps the Director informed and provides advice related to internal and external operational issues of the Communications Division that impact on the group’s effectiveness. This includes but is not limited such items as the monthly review of the operational budget report, the review and preparation of quarterly budget expenses, as well as the quarterly review of staff leave for managers.
  • Collaborates with Procurement in establishing and managing consultancy contracts, ensures data integrity, and processes payments against contract; maintains files on consultancy contracts.
  • Prepares and coordinates the documentation (after management approval) and logistics activities required for human resource management functions such as staffing and performance management (e.g. PRA process).
  • Maintains files on general administration, which include invoices, accounts payable, budget and operational management.
  • Organizes and takes part in the Communications Division monthly meetings and annual retreat. Prepares summary notes and follows up on actions required.
  • Contributes to the development of the Division’s work plan.
  • Builds and nurtures strong relationships within and outside the Communications Division to gain awareness, understanding, and support for IDRC. (This includes IDRC Vice-Presidents, Directors, Director’s Assistants, Accounting Service Managers and clerks, Human Resources Managers, Compensation and Human Resources Advisors, and Human Resources Administrative Officers and so on).
  • Acts as an administrative liaison with consultants and travel participants.
  • Provides assistance with and organizes special events, providing administrative and logistical support, which also includes support to participants’ travel, administrative arrangements, and being present at the event as required.

Client Services and Correspondence Responsibilities

  • Acts as a first point of contact for the Communications Division; responds to general information requests and concerns and refers these, when appropriate to other persons or specialists within the Division and the Centre.
  • Examines all correspondence received to determine its applicability to the Communications Division, and makes recommendations to the Director or Managers with respect to priority, and any follow up action to be taken. Provides relevant additional or background information for the Director.
  • Drafts replies and other correspondence for the Director’s signature and sometimes for the signature of the President. This includes letters to Parliamentarians and other important decision-makers in the IDRC environment. Backs up other executive assistants in the Branch, as required.

Agenda Coordination

  • Manages the Director’s agenda by dealing with and responding to invitations, requests for meetings, and requests for participation in special events. Draws up, or obtains from others, documentation in support of the Director’s engagements: briefing notes, itineraries, background documents, minutes, agenda, etc.​