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IDRC’s Advisory Committee on Research Ethics

IDRC funds many research projects that raise ethical issues. We have therefore established the Advisory Committee on Research Ethics (ACRE) to guide Centre employees who encounter ethical issues in the research we undertake or support, and to facilitate training in research ethics. 

ACRE observes IDRC’s Corporate Principles on Research Ethics.

IDRC Corporate Principles on Research Ethics

IDRC will endeavour to comply with generally-accepted principles of research ethics. These principles are derived from those promulgated by

ACRE does not assume the responsibility of ensuring that IDRC-supported research complies with local ethical standards.

IDRC-supported research should incorporate the following principles:

  1. Respect for persons, animals, and the environment. When research involves human participants, it should respect the autonomy of the individual.
  2. Concern for the welfare of participants: researchers should act to benefit or promote the wellbeing of participants (beneficence) and should do no harm (non-maleficence).
  3. Justice: the obligation to treat people fairly, equitably, and with dignity.

Research supported by IDRC should adhere to universal concepts of justice and equity while remaining sensitive to the cultural norms and practices of the localities where the research is carried out.