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Fellowships and Awards: Guidelines for Field Research Reports

Your Award Grant Agreement specifies the number of reports required throughout your tenure as well as the due dates for such reports. The form of your report will vary, depending on the nature of your research, your methodological approach, and your participation in related activities such as conferences, etc.

However, each report should contain the following items:

1. A calendar of activities

This should summarize, in chronological order, your activities for the period covered by the report. It should include dates, location and duration of activities. The focus should be on the evolution of your field research activities, but other activities such as meetings, conferences, site visits, etc. should also be included.

The blocks of time reported in the calendar will depend on the way in which your activities are clustered. For example, if you are conducting interviews with a particular community over a two-week period, such an activity could be summarized in one entry.

2. A narrative report of the field work accomplished

The narrative report should comment on the field research itself; e.g., methodological issues, successes and problems encountered in data collection activities, a summary of results/findings, and preliminary analysis; etc. This section is likely to parallel research reports sent to your supervisor or academic committee.

3. An Award Recipient’s Final Report Form

4. A letter from your research supervisor, commenting on your field research