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Africa and COVID-19: Communities

event infographic

As part of IDRC’s roundtable series on Africa’s COVID-19 response and future pandemic preparedness, the Centre is convening a roundtable that brings together some of Africa’s leading minds. Panelists will discuss the role of innovative community-based approaches in strengthening Africa’s COVID-19 response.

The panelists are:

  • Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Director, Community Based Initiatives, Liberia
  • Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, Director General, Rwanda Biomedical Centre, Rwanda
  • Caroline Mbindyo, Chief Executive Officer, Amref Enterprise Ltd., Kenya
  • Prof. Jayne Byakika-Tusiime, Epidemiologist, Soroti University, Uganda
  • Prof. Jean Jacques Muyembe, Director General, Institut National pour la Recherche Biomédicale, Democratic Republic of Congo

Please note the time of this event is 8-9:30am EST , which is 1-2:30pm UTC.