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Centre Management Committee

The Centre Management Committee is composed of IDRC’s senior staff members, including our three vice-presidents, the directors of our five regional offices and the directors from our main divisions and program focus areas.

The committee works with IDRC’s president to support research for development — providing advice and guidance on corporate objectives, policies and programs.

The committee communicates our interests and values in Canada, and internationally, and takes care of the Centre’s day-to-day activities. It works closely with IDRC’s Board of Governors to fulfill the Centre’s strategic direction, as set by the Board.

Julie Shouldice Julie Shouldice
Acting President
Geneviève Leguerrier
Vice-President, Resources, and Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Caroline Ford Erin Tansey
Director, Sustainable Inclusive Economies
Santiago Alba-Corral
Director, Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Headshot Caroline Ford Caroline Ford
Director, Democratic and Inclusive Governance
Portrait of Richard Danis Director of Finance smiling Richard Danis
Director, Finance and Administration
Christel Binnie
Director, Corporate Communications

A photo of Kapil Kapoor Kapil Kapoor
Regional Director, Asia
Federico Burone
Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

Portrait of Patricia Corrigan Chief of Staff and Director of Corporate Affairs smiling Patricia Corrigan
Chief of Staff and Director of Corporate Affairs

Naser Faruqui
Director, Education and Science
Maggie Gorman Vélez
Director, Policy and Evaluation

Portrait Nicole Leclerc smiling Nicole Leclerc
Director, People and Corporate Culture
Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith
Director, Internal Audit
Katrina Millard
Director, Grant Administration

Suzanne Palko
General Counsel
A portrait of Julie Crowley smiling Julie Crowley
Regional Director, Central and West Africa

Kathryn Toure
Regional Director, Eastern and Southern Africa

Denis Trudeau
Director, Digital Solutions and Information Governance