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Zimbabwe's Exodus: Crisis, Migration, Survival

Jonathan Crush and Daniel Tevera
Southern African Migration Programme, IDRC

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A rounded and compelling picture of the great exodus and, behind the turmoil of exile and return, we can glimpse the extraordinary people behind the statistics.
— Robin Cohen, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford

The ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe has led to an unprecedented exodus of over a million people, from all strata of Zimbabwean society, all desperate to survive. The Zimbabwean diaspora is now truly global. Yet rather than turning their backs on Zimbabwe, most maintain very close links with the country, returning often and remitting billions of dollars each year.

Zimbabwe’s Exodus: Crisis, Migration, Survival is written by leading migration scholars, many from the Zimbabwean diaspora. The book explores the relationship between Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis and migration as a survival strategy. It includes the personal stories of ordinary Zimbabweans living and working in other countries, and reports the hostility and xenophobia they experience.

Zimbabwe’s Exodus reveals a new understanding based on protection not abuse, inclusion not exclusion, and tolerance not xenophobia.

The editors

Jonathan Crush is the Director of the Southern African Migration Programme (SAMP), Professor of Global Development Studies at Queen’s University, Canada, and Honorary Professor at the University of Cape Town.

Daniel Tevera is Professor of Geographical and Environmental Science at the University of Swaziland.