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Water Balances in the Eastern Mediterranean

David B. Brooks and Ozay Mehmet
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The roots of destabilization, migration, and local conflict around the world can often be traced to a lack of fresh water. As a result, the importance of fresh water to economic development, quality of life, ecosystem sustainability, and political stability is gaining renewed global recognition. In the Middle East and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region, the situation is approaching crisis proportions. People living in this part of the world have only one-sixth as much fresh water available per capita as the global average. Although predictions of a Middle Eastern "water war" are dissipating, the need for regional cooperation in the effective management of water resources is no less urgent.

This book presents an overview of freshwater resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. Case studies from Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, and North Cyprus estimate water balances and propose methods for regional cooperation in the management of this precious resource. The book also proposes a research agenda and a consensus plan of action. Policymakers, researchers, academics, and development professionals working in the areas of water management and Middle Eastern studies will find this book to be a valuable tool.

The editors

David B. Brooks is Research Manager for Canada's International Development Research Centre. Dr Brooks' extensive experience in energy and water conservation, environmental and natural resource policy, and sustainable development extends across both the industrialized and developing world. He has taught in programs on energy and environment around the world and is the author of numerous articles and books.

Ozay Mehmet is Professor of International Affairs at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. His publications include Towards a Fair Global Labour Market (Routledge 1999, with E. Mendes and R. Sinding) and Modern and traditional irrigation technologies in the Eastern Mediterranean (IDRC 2001, with H.A. Biçak).