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Transnational Social Policies: The New Development Challenges of Globalization

Daniel Morales-Gómez
Earthscan, IDRC
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Relationships between social policy and human development are the subject of much research and theorizing. The literature in this area, however, examines these issues strictly within national contexts. What of the influence of international agendas, such as NAFTA, the World Summit for Social Development, and Habitat II.

Transnational Social Policies specifically addresses the worldwide trend for national policies on human and social development to be increasingly influenced by agendas that are international, or "transnational," in nature. In doing so, the book examines the underlining international developmental, ethical, economic, and political issues shaping national policies in health, education, and employment in the developing world.

This book's focus on the "transnational" character of the social policy debate makes it a truly unique and original contribution to the literature. It will appeal to the academic community, worldwide, in international development, public policy and administration, and social work; policymakers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of public (social) policy; and the international community of individuals and organizations working in international social development.

The editor

Daniel Morales-Gómez is Senior Specialist in IDRC's program on the assessment of social policy reform and the author of many books and journal articles on education and social policy.