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Strengthening Resilience in Post-Disaster Situations: Stories, Experience, and Lessons from South Asia

Julian Gonsalves and Priyanka Mohan
Academic Foundation, IDRC

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To mitigate, develop, and improve the lives of those vulnerable to intense natural disasters, climate change, and food insecurity, many agencies are funding and implementing diverse activities from reconstruction to rehabilitation. In particular, mid- to long-term interventions, strategies, and practical approaches are being designed and adopted to build the resilience of the poor. This book presents the lessons and impacts from a collection of these projects, describing concepts, strategies, processes, and tools in such a way that they can be easily replicated and shared with a wider audience. It describes valuable practical experiences and lessons from the field, capturing a range of diverse interventions from implementing agencies involved in post-disaster rehabilitation.

Part 1 presents an overview of the coastal threats and post-tsunami issues face by the coastal communities of South Asia. Part 2 examines the concept of risk reduction and, in doing so, brings together the focal elements of resilience, mitigation, and adaptation. Part 3 describes the pathways for building the capacity of vulnerable communities to withstand and rebuild from natural disasters. Part 4 presents real-life stories of how post-disaster rehabilitation and resilience-building projects have led to positive change at the community level.

The editors

Julian Gonsalves has 35 years of experience in the design, management, and evaluation of international rural and agricultural research and development programs. From 1984 to 2000, he worked for the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction. Since then, he has focused his energies on providing short term assistance as an external reviewer and evaluator to various international development agencies.

Priyanka Mohan is formerly a Research Officer at IDRC’s Regional Office for South Asia and China in New Delhi. Before joining IDRC, she worked for the Centre for Environment Education, on issues related to waste management and environment impact in Southern India.