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Social Policy in a Global Society: Parallels and Lessons from the Canada–Latin America Experience

Daniel Morales-Gómez and Mario Torres A.
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The focus of the 1980s was economic adjustment; in the 1990s, it's social policy reform. Governments are realizing that without effective social policies, the equality and growth of a society are compromised.

In Social Policy in a Global Society, international experts examine common social policy issues of Canada and Latin American countries. Discussing relevant experiences and lessons learned, they identify areas for future research, training and information that may lead to more effective and equitable social policies and programs.

The editors

Daniel Morales-Gómez is the director of IDRC's Social Policy Program. He works out of IDRC's head office in Ottawa, Canada, and is the author of many books and articles on education and social policy.

Mario Torres A. is a senior program specialist at IDRC's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.