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Preserving the Dnipro River: Harmony, History, and Rehabilitation

V.Y. Shevchuk, G.O. Bilyavsky, V.M. Navrotsky, and O.O. Mazurkevich
Mosiac Press, IDRC

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The Dnipro River is Europe’s second longest river and flows through the heartland of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. For many centuries, it has played a vital role in the historical, cultural, religious and economic development of this vast region. Indeed, it is true to say that nobody can understand this vast region of the world without understanding the dynamic and pivotal role played by this water system.

Preserving the Dnipro River is based on a major international research project directed by Ukrainian and Canadian scientists begun in 1994 and completed in 2001. It describes the importance of the Dnipro from a historical perspective, details the steps taken by these international scientists to overcome the river’s environmental degradation, and outlines a strategy to rehabilitate and preserve the Dnipro’s unique biodiversity. This volume also explores a unique approach to sustainable management that blends together both natural and spiritual concerns and draws together philosophical concepts from numerous intellectual traditions, bridging East and West, North and South. The surprising result is a definition and elaboration of a unique approach to sustainable research that meshes the harmonious coexistence of nature and society.

Preserving the Dnipro River presents a succinct, yet powerful and comprehensive message that caring for our planet and achieving the objectives of sustainable development cannot be achieved without a genuine renaissance of “spirituality” and a dedication to living in true harmony with nature.