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Policy and Practice in Asian Distance Education

Tian Belawati and Jon Baggaley

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This book has been designed for the orientation and training of specialists in open and distance learning methods in Asia. It is the outcome of the collaborative PANdora research and development initiative (2005–2008) between 24 open and distance learning (ODL) institutions, government departments, and nongovernmental organizations in 13 Asian countries.

The need for thrift and ingenuity in distance education (DE) methods in Asia has made Asian DE researchers and practitioners contemplate novel technological methods in DE—open-source software, cell-phone SMS, etc.—from which information and communication technology professionals in all parts of the world can learn.

The guidelines in the book have been designed in modular form so that selected sections can be combined according to users’ needs and translated into local languages in keeping with the PANdora network’s open resources philosophy. Individual chapters and their combinations can be used in specific training contexts. Although the focus of the book is the educational sector in Asia, the guidelines proposed have worldwide application.

The editors

Tian Belawati is Rector, Universitas Terbuka (Indonesia Open University), Indonesia.

Jon Baggaley is Professor of Educational Technology, Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.