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Participatory Development Communication: A West African Agenda

Guy Bessette and C.V. Rajasunderam
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Two years ago, the International Development Research Centre created CIME, a development communication program that reflects the interrelations between communication at the grassroots level, the exchange of information, two-way media, and nonformal education. This book presents the conceptual framework that led to the articulation of the CIME program. It explains in detail how the program was formulated, with references to the recommendations of a meeting of Central and West African NGOs held in Burkina Faso in November 1994.

It also draws from the recommendations of a February 1995 meeting in Canada, attended by Canadian experts in development communication and representatives of West African NGOs taking part in the program. This book presents valuable information on the use of participatory communication for nonformal education, on the specific needs of women and young girls, and on the roles they can play as communicators within their community.

The editors

Guy Bessette is a senior program officer at IDRC responsible for research programing in development communication. The program is targeted toward sub-Saharan Africa and stresses participatory and grassroots communication processes. Concurrent with these activities, the program aims to facilitate the development of partnerships between, and with, Canadian and international researchers, practitioners, and organizations, and to promote joint activities for advocacy with decision-makers at all levels. Guy Bessette holds a doctorate in education technology from the University of Montreal.

C.V. Rajasunderam works for the International Communication Group at Ryerson Polytechnic University. His professional interest and experience involve research and training in development communication. Before arriving in Canada, he was a senior communicator at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, and later a senior research officer and media director at the Centre for Development Studies (Marga Institute), Sri Lanka. He has worked as a consultant on behalf of the Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, Ryerson International (former Ryerson International Development Centre), the Netherlands Radio Training Centre, the Worldview International Foundation, and the Department of Information of the United Nations.