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Organizational Assessment: A Framework for Improving Performance

Charles Lusthaus, Marie-Hélène Adrien, Gary Anderson, Fred Carden, and George Plinio Montalván

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The inability of development agencies to understand and improve the performance of the organizations they support continues to impede progress in the developing world, even after a decade of reforms. Strengthening the institutions that receive those grants and loans — including government ministries and executing agencies as well as nongovernmental organizations — has become the key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of development assistance.

This book offers a clear-cut methodology to diagnose institutional strengths and weaknesses at the onset of development activities. In this way, beneficiaries can respond to growing pressures from donor governments and organizations for accountable and sustainable use of development funding. The authors examine all aspects of organizational performance, including the enabling environment, institutional capacity, management, financial viability, and staff motivation. They also review the methodological issues involved in carrying out an assessment, ranging from the choice and framing of questions to data collection and analysis, the question of who “owns” the assessment, and the reporting of results.

Designed for practitioners interested in organizational diagnosis and social change, this book includes a quick guide for organizational assessment, a sample report outline and questions, and a comprehensive assessment glossary.

The authors

Charles Lusthaus is an associate professor in the Department of Administration and Policy Studies at McGill University.

Marie-Hélène Adrien is vice-president of human resources at the Universalia Management Group.

Gary Anderson is chairman of the Department of Administration and Policy Studies at McGill University.

Fred Carden is senior program specialist in IDRC’s Evaluation Unit.

George Plinio Montalván is a senior management analyst in the IDB Organization and Management Services Office. 



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