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Manufacturing Enterprise in Asia

Dipak Mazundar and Sandip Sarkar
Routledge, IDRC

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Issues relating to the size of manufacturing firms are central to the discussion of development strategies. This book offers an interpretation of growth trajectories in the size-structure of enterprises in the manufacturing sector of selected Asian economies.

Presenting a comparative survey of the distribution of enterprises by size across Asia, including India, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Bangladesh and Vietnam, the book helps to identify three distinct patterns of manufacturing sector development., making the connection between enterprise development and its overall impact on the economy. The book goes on to investigate the problem of the peculiar dual size structure of manufacturing in India, with its two modes at the low and high end of the size distribution and the conspicuous ‘missing middle’, and the effect that this has on the country’s economy. This pattern is contrasted with the ‘East Asian’ model with a more even size distribution, and the recent experience of the newly developing countries of Asia where size distribution is skewed to the right. This book provides an important contribution to studies on Asian economics and manufacturing industries.

The authors

Dipak Mazumdar, a Senior Research Associate at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada, is the author of numerous publications on development economics.

Sandip Sarkar is currently working as a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Human Development in New Delhi, India. His main areas of research interest are industry, poverty, labour, and employment, on which he has over two decades of experience.