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Management of Water Demand in Africa and the Middle East: Current Practices and Future Needs

David B. Brooks, Eglal Rached, and Maurice Saade
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Throughout Africa and the Middle East, supplies of fresh water for growing and processing food, for household and urban uses, and for industrial cooling and processing have not kept pace with population growth and economic growth. As well, additional sources of supply are becoming scarce and more expensive to develop. In these circumstances, water demand management (WDM) offers perhaps the only significant hope for major improvements in the standard of living and quality of life for people living in Africa and the Middle East.

Despite its importance, however, WDM has received relatively little attention from African researchers. This publication documents WDM research activities in North Africa and the Middle East, Western and Central Africa, Eastern Africa, and Southern Africa. It also identifies social issues stemming from the application of specific WDM options and, generally, discusses the nature and scope of WDM as a field of study.

The editors

David B. Brooks is Senior Scientist at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Eglal Rached is Regional Director of IDRC's Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa in Cairo, Egypt.

Maurice Saade is a Program Specialist at IDRC's Cairo office.