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Learning from Change: Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Marisol Estrella, Jutta Blauert, Dindo Campilan, John Gaventa, Julian Gonsalves, Irene Guijt, Deb Johnson, and Roger Ricafort
Practical Action Publishing, IDRC

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Learning from Change provides an overview of the common themes and experiences in participatory approaches to monitoring and evaluation across different institutions and sectors. It is a compilation of selected case studies and discussions between practitioners, academics, donors, and policymakers in participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E).

It explores conceptual, methodological, institutional, and policy issues that need to be addressed to enrich our understanding and practice of PM&E. The book is in three sections. The first provides a general overview of PM&E, synthesizing literature surveys and regional reviews of PM&E practice around the world. The second presents case studies that illustrate the diverse range of settings and contexts in which PM&E is being applied. The third raises the key issues and challenges arising from the case studies and discussions, and proposes areas for future research and action.

Learning from Change will be an important reference for development professionals worldwide as well as for anyone interested in the process of participatory development, including researchers, academics, fieldworkers, development practitioners, and policymakers.

The editors

Marisol Estrella is a Research Associate at the Institute for Popular Democracy in the Philippines.

Jutta Blauert is a Fellow with the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK.

Dindo Campilan works for UPWARD, the Users' Perspectives with Agricultural Research and Development, in the Philippines.

John Gaventa is a Fellow with the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK.

Julian Gonsalves is Vice-President of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction in the Philippines.

Irene Guijt works for IIED/IUCN in the Netherlands.

Deb Johnson works for Sikiliza International in Uganda.

Roger Ricafort is the Director of Oxfam Hong Kong.

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