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Institutional Assessment: A Framework for Strengthening Organizational Capacity for IDRC's Research Partners

Charles Lusthaus, Gary Anderson, and Elaine Murphy
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This book is intended to assist both external and internal efforts to strengthen organizations and to provide a framework for documenting the effects of such efforts. It is a working document for assessing institutional capacity — ready to be tested in a variety of situations and readily adaptable in light of such testing. It combines existing knowledge in new ways to yield a comprehensive approach for diagnosing and documenting both strengths and weaknesses of various kinds of institution. Applications range from internal self-assessments to external evaluations by a funding agency, from comprehensive assessments to the assembly of a few key impressions during a brief visit.

Users will include new institutions or institutions that wish to address weak areas or gaps. The book will also be useful to any consortium of organizations that wishes to select or set up an institution to play a specific role. It will also be of general use to donors agencies and institutions preparing themselves for funding requests or negotiations.

The authors

Charles Lusthaus is an associate professor in the Department of Administration and Policy Studies, McGill University, and a partner in Universalia Management Group, a Montreal-based management consulting firm. Dr Lusthaus is also faculty advisor to the Centre for Educational Leadership, McGill University.

Gary Anderson is the chairman of the Department of Administration and Policy Studies in Education of the Faculty of Education, McGill University, and the president of Universalia Management Group.

Elaine Murphy is a consultant with Universalia Management Group and the principal of Elaine Murphy and Associates, a communications firm.