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Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Africa Volume 3: Networking Institutions of Learning — SchoolNet

Tina James

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Volume 3 documents the processes used, and institutions created, to bring computers and connectivity into schools, as a means of enhancing the use and integration of ICTs in teaching and learning. A range of project, administrative, and cultural settings are explored as are a wide variety of technical solutions. The results, observations, and conclusions presented in this book will be useful for policy- and decision-makers in education and ICTs. The book will also be useful for teachers, researchers, and development practitioners and professionals with interests or active programs in the area of “ICT for development.” Information technology professionals looking to service the potential education market will also find this book valuable.

The editor

Tina James is an independent consultant with 18 years experience in various aspects of ICTs in Southern Africa. She has led several large, multidisciplinary projects in both the ICT and environment sectors, including recently completed baseline studies for the South African IT Industry Strategy and preparatory papers on The African Learning Network. Ms James served on the ICT working group for South Africa’s Foresight Initiative, which developed a technology strategy for ICTs. She was also recently appointed to serve on UNECA's African Technical Advisory Committee for the African Information Society Initiative (AISI).