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Greed and Grievance: Economic Agendas in Civil Wars

Mats Berdal and David M. Malone
Lynne Rienner, IDRC

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Current scholarship on civil wars and transitions from war to peace has made significant progress in understanding the political dimensions of internal conflict. However, the economic motivations spurring political violence have been comparatively neglected. This pathbreaking book identifies the economic and social factors underlying the perpetuation of civil wars, exploring as well the economic incentives and disincentives available to international actors seeking to restore peace to war-torn societies.

The authors consider the economic rationality of conflict for belligerents, the economic strategies that elites use to sustain their position, and in what situations elites find war to be more profitable than peace. Throughout, the authors strive consistently for policy relevance in both their analysis and their prescriptions.

The editors

Mats Berdal is Research Fellow at St Anthony's College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

David M. Malone is President of the International Peace Academy, New York, NY, USA (now President of IDRC).