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Global Innovation in Emerging Economies

Prasada Reddy
Routledge, IDRC

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In recent decades, there have been significant changes in the way corporate innovation is performed. They include changes in the innovation process, flexibility to outsource innovation activities, and most importantly, the location of innovation. There are mainly two new trends: the location of globally strategic R&D by multinational corporations in developing countries and, more recently, the trend for companies in emerging economies to perform R&D to develop products and services for global markets. These trends are occurring in a dynamic business environment that consists of mutually reinforcing economic and technological changes. They have both managerial and policy implications for the companies and the emerging economies where such R&D is being performed.

Global Innovation in Emerging Economies examines the dynamics of the globalization processes and the emergence of new locations for innovation and its implications. Exploring 20 in-depth case studies from Brazil, China, India, and South Africa (the so-called BRICS group), Prasada Reddy develops a conceptual framework around the evolution of globalized corporate R&D. This unique book addresses many issues including the context for locating global R&D in emerging economies, the driving forces behind this trend, the performance of global R&D by companies in emerging economies, and national and corporate implications of these new trends for innovation systems.

The author

Prasada Reddy is a faculty member at the Research Policy Institute, Lund University, Sweden. He also worked at the Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Oslo, Norway, and has been a consultant to several multilateral organizations. His broad areas of work include foreign direct investments, industrialization, innovation, and intellectual property rights.