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El manejo de las pesquerías en ríos tropicales de Sudamérica

Danny Pinedo and Carlos Soria
Mayol Ediciones, Instituto del Bien Común, IDRC
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Fisheries contribute greatly to the world food supply, especially for the poor communities in developing countries that depend on fish and fish byproducts as their main source of animal protein. However, numerous fish stocks and fish species are declining dramatically, in many cases owing to overfishing. This situation reduces the aquatic biodiversity and threatens the food security of thousands of poor communities.

Although worldwide overexploitation by fisheries has raised great concern, discussions about the current fishery crisis have focused almost exclusively on marine resources and biodiversity, with little attention being given to fisheries in continental waters. This book aims to expand knowledge and information about continental fisheries, the problems that are threatening their sustainability, and the possible management and conservation options in the countries of the Amazon basin.

The editors

Danny Pinedo is a PhD student in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida.

Carlos Soria is a university professor and also the person in charge of the area of Influence and Legal Advice in Peru’s Instituto del Bien Común.