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Developing National Systems of Innovation: University-Industry Interactions in the Global South

Eduardo Albuquerque, Wilson Suzigan, Glenda Kruss, and Keun Lee
Edward Elgar Publishing, IDRC

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Interactions between firms and universities are key building blocks of innovation systems. With a focus on developing countries, this book presents novel comparative research spanning three continents. The result is a more universal and dynamic view of the shaping and reshaping of interactions between firms and universities within different countries at various stages of development.

Through expert contributions, a combination of empirical investigations, and theoretical discussion are presented, existing studies on innovation systems are quantified and further avenues of research suggested. Readers will establish a more universal understanding of the vibrant relationship between firms and universities, and how this results in innovation for the future.

Scholars of innovation, evolutionary economics, science and technology studies, and development studies will find the original research to be of great value. This book will also appeal to public research organizations and policymakers.

The editors

Eduardo Albuquerque is professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Wilson Suzigan is professor at UNICAMP - State University of Campinas, Brazil.

Glenda Kruss is research director at the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa.

Keun Lee is professor at Seoul National University, South Korea.