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African Youth on the Information Highway: Participation and Leadership in Community Development

Osita Ogbu and Paschal Mihyo
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As is happening in the industrialized North, the information revolution could well transform the developing nations of the South. In fact, it is already happening. Countries that only a decade ago seemed remote now have the potential to be active players in the processes of global development. As these information and communication technologies (ICTs) emerge in Africa, they offer hope to the continent's youth.

This book describes a new initiative to promote the involvement of youth in Africa's new information economy. It reviews existing infrastructure, the policy environment and its impact, and the feasibility of increased ICT applications in rural communities. It will appeal to decision-makers and ICT producers and users, as well as to development professionals, academics, students, policymakers, and practitioners in international development and information technology.

The editors

Osita Ogbu is Senior Program Specialist at the Nairobi office of Canada's International Development Research Centre.

Paschal Mihyo is a professor at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. He was formerly Coordinator of the African Technology Policy Studies Network, which is administered from the Nairobi office of Canada's International Development Research Centre.