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Summaries of completed Access to Information requests in 2015

The International Development Research Centre posts summaries of completed Access to Information requests by its Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Coordinator.

December 2015

Nothing to report

November 2015

Nothing to report

October 2015

Nothing to report

September 2015

ATI 2015-03

  • Policies for travel and hospitality expenses incurred by the federally appointed governors, presidents and chairpersons, and for the reimbursement thereof. If the board has no such policies, please indicate whether it follows the Treasury Board’s Travel Directive and Special Travel Authorities.
  • All hospitality and travel expense claims (including submitted claim forms and processing documentation) and supporting documentation (including, where available, receipts, invoices, itineraries, hotel bills, taxi chits, boarding passes, tickets, meal and food receipts and bills, etc.), as well as any amendments or modifications thereto. Scope: Current and former federally appointed governors, presidents and chairpersons. Time frame: 2010 to present (July 6, 2015)

August 2015

Nothing to report

July 2015

ATI 2015-01

  • All communications plans, updates to staff, briefings about staff structure, institutional communication policies and internal guidelines sent to IDRC staff from January 15 – June 15, 2015. All emails originating from communications staff at Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada sent to communications staff at IDRC within the same time period.

June 2015

Nothing to report

May 2015

ATI 2015-02

  • Any and all information pertaining to the IDRC funded Una Hakkika (Jan-Feb 2014) project (Client: The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention) – contracts, rights and protection details for researchers, Named participants of the project, remuneration details, mission details, post mission briefings/reports. Expense reports, insurance details, etc.

April 2015

Nothing to report

March 2015

Nothing to report

February 2015

Nothing to report

January 2015

Nothing to report