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Annual review

In accordance with the International Development Research Centre Act, IDRC publishes an annual report presenting our financial statements and results. It also profiles IDRC-funded researchers, highlights key projects and achievements, and outlines strategies and focus areas. It is the main way we report to Parliament and is an important tool for informing Canadians, partners and the wider public about our work. IDRC also prepares quarterly financial reports for each of the first three quarters of the fiscal year.

In addition, every year in the fall, IDRC hosts an annual public meeting to share information on the year's activities and provide interested citizens with the opportunity to question members of IDRC’s Board of Governors and senior managers. Currently, annual public meetings can be attended either in person or virtually. Consult our Events page for more details.

Past annual public meetings are available for viewing.

Annual report 2021-2022

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Advancing gender equality through research (2021-2022)

This year we faced not only continuing challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic but the expanding effects of conflict, food insecurity and rising inflation. These compounding crises halted or even reversed progress made in poverty reduction and gender equality in many parts of the world. Advancing gender equality continues to be a central focus for IDRC and as this report shows, there are many examples of how research continues to provide evidence, innovation and learning to find new solutions to these challenges.