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2020 IDRC Research Award recipients

Aguessivognon, Togla Aymard
Global health
Réduction des grossesses non désirées chez les adolescentes : quelles interventions basées sur les données probantes ont-elles des chances de succès au Bénin?

Arthur, Megan
Food systems
Policy coherence in nutrition and food systems governance: examining norms and mechanisms of engagement for private actors in India

Asif, Furqan
Climate change
Building resilience to climate-fragility risks: the impact of dam development and climate change’s contribution to conflict in Ethiopia and the Nile basin region

Chan, Sheena
Policy and evaluation
Multi-partner collaboration as a superior pathway to knowledge translation? Aspects of consortium-based research that increases policy influence and research uptake, and research funding strategies to increase knowledge translation in interdisciplinary multi-partner collaborations

Douglas, Megan
Development in fragile contexts
Gender-inclusive skill development and socio-economic integration among forcibly-displaced Congolese in Nairobi, Kenya

Nadar, Danya
Ethics in development research
The role of women in Indigenous food systems (location to be announced)

Sengupta, Purbita
Disruptive technology
Challenges of applying disruptive technology for development in the Global South: a study of smart cities mission in India

Innovations in education
L’intégration sociale et l’innovation dans les champs STIAM (sciences, technologies, ingénierie, arts et mathématiques) : genres et intersectionnalité dans les nouvelles approches en recherche et en éducation dans les pays à revenu faible et intermédiaire